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  • There are very few demolition companies in the Memphis area who can match the size and capabilities we have at Chandler Demolition Company, Inc. We’ve been in business for 70 years and there is a reason that we are the most trusted name in demolition in the Mid-South. Chandler Demolition Company, Inc. maintains a large inventory of equipment that can handle any of your project needs!

    1 International 250 Crawler Loader
    3 International 175 Crawler Loaders
    2 Cat 345 Hydraulic Excavators w/ hydraulic thumbs
    1 Cat 345 Hydraulic Excavator
    1 Cat 330 Hydraulic Excavator w/ scrap magnet and generator
    1 Cat 329 Hydraulic Excavator w/ hydraulic thumb
    1 Cat 329 Hydraulic Excavator w/ hydraulic concrete breaker
    1 Cat 324 Hydraulic Excavator w/ hydraulic thumb
    1 John Deere 330 Hydraulic Excavator w/ Labounty Scrap Shear
    1 Komatsu D21 Bulldozer
    1 Komatsu D32 Bulldozer
    1 Komatsu D39 Bulldozer
    1 Dresser TD20 Bulldozer
    1 Dresser TD15 Bulldozer
    1 Tampo Sheepfoot Compactor
    1 55 Ton Lattice Boom Lorain Crane
    1 16 Ton Galion Hydraulic Crane
    1 18 Ton Grove Hydraulic Crane
    4 Cat 262 Skid Steer Wheel Loaders
    1 Cat 259 Skid Steer Track Loader
    1 Komatsu SK1020 Skid Steer Wheel Loader
    1 Case 1845 Skid Steer Wheel Loader
    1 Cat 303.5 Hydraulic Mini Excavator
    2 Cat 304 Hydraulic Mini Excavators
    1 Komatsu PC27 Hydraulic Mini Excavator
    1 Bobcat 331 Hydraulic Mini Excavator
    1 Nissan Lift Truck
    3 Cat H65 Hydraulic Concrete Breakers for Mini Excavator
    1 Cat H62 Hydraulic Concrete Breaker for Skid Steer
    1 Bobcat Hydraulic Concrete Breaker for Mini Excavator
    1 Bobcat Street Sweeper for Skid Steer
    6 Cat Material Handler Grapple Buckets for Skid Steer
    4 Cat Dirt Buckets (Various Sizes) for Mini Excavator
    2 Bobcat Dirt Bucket (Various Sizes) for Mini Excavator
    1 Komatsu Dirt Bucket for Mini Excavator
    3 Cat Material Handler Buckets for Skid Steer
    1 Bobcat Clam Bucket for Skid Steer
    1 Cat Dirt Bucket for Skid Steer
    1 Bobcat Floor Tile Scraper for Skid Steer
    1 55 Gallon Barrel Drum Grab
    3 Cat Pallet Forks
    1 Phealan Lowboy Heavy Equipment Trailer
    1 Trail King Lowboy Heavy Equipment Trailer
    6 Mack Tractor Trucks
    1 Mack Dumpster Truck
    1 Mack Dump Truck
    1 Freightliner Tractor Truck
    1 LAFR Pumper Fire Truck
    1 International Service/Fuel Truck
    2 Peerless Transfer Walking Floor Trailers
    5 Palmer Dump Trailers
    1 Hil-Built Dump Trailer
    1 Benlee Roll Off Dumpster Trailer
    1 Dorsey Flat Top Trailer
    20 30 Cubic Yard Open Top Roll Off Dumpsters
    1 30 Cubic Yard Closed Top Roll Off Dumpster
    1 2011 Dodge 5500 Truck w/ Utility Bed
    1 2011 GMC 1500 Truck
    2 2008 GMC 2500 Trucks
    1 2009 Ford F-150
    1 2003 Chevrolet Tahoe
    1 1998 GMC 2500 w/ Utility Bed
    1 2001 GMC Yukon
    5 16’ Utility Trailers
    1 20’ Utility Trailer
    1 14’ Utility Trailer
    1 20’ Carry-On Equipment Hauler Trailer
    1 16’ Cronkite Equipment Hauler Trailer
    1 16’ Cargo Trailer
    1 1997 Williams Scottsman Decontamination/Shower Trailer
    1 6280 Industrial Panther self Propelled Floor Stripper
    1 National Ride on Electric Floor Stripper
    High Volume Air Monitoring Pumps
    Low Volume Air Monitoring Pumps
    Abatement Technologies Negative Pressure Air Handlers
    Advance Floor Machines/Floor Buffers
    Abatement Technologies Mobile Pop Up Shower Stalls
    3M and North Full Face and Half Face Negitive Pressure Respirators
    Various Hand Tools
    2 Gas Powered Welders
    5 Gas Powered Generators
    2 Ingersoll Rand Air Compressors
    1 Express Floor Scale (10,000 Lbs Capacity)
    1 Truck Scale
    Various Electric and Battery Powered Power Tools
    1 Target Concrete Slab Saw
    1 Hotsy Pressure Washer
    1 Northern Pressure Washer
    1 Personnel Lifting Basket for Crane
    1 Equipment Lifting Basket for Crane
    2 Dump-O-Matic Debris Lifting Baskets for Crane
    4 Wrecking Balls (Various Sizes/Weights)
    Rubbermaid Rolling Debris Carts
    Roura Self Dumping Hoppers
    Various Fall Protection Equipment Systems